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PHC Europe Driving Growth in the Medical Sector

PHC Europe, part of the PHC Group, is a leading producer and supplier of high-quality laboratory equipment in the medical and diagnostics fields.


Increase brand engagement and generate new and existing account targets from website traffic


Deanonymizing website traffic on the website in order to funnel high intent leads to the sales teams, and a substantial follower increase and brand engagement with LinkedIn retargeting.


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Unlocking the Hidden Potential of Niche Marketing

In the world of B2B, every company aspires to reach more qualified leads, secure more meetings, and boost revenue. One such company, specializing in laboratory equipment and temperature-controlled storage solutions, was no exception.

Introducing PHC Europe, part of PHC Holdings, formerly known as Panasonic Healthcare Co., a company with a rich history that traces its roots back to 1969 Japan and today spans over 9000 employees and 90 subsidiary companies. The company had already built a strategy and harnessed tools that drove relevant inbound traffic. Yet, they knew that to make a more significant impact on their bottom line, they needed to look beyond the conventional approach.

“Within a month, we saw the results that we had some extra followers and noticed that they were because of Albacross and after 6 months our LinkedIn follower count grew from around 5000 followers to around 15,000 followers using Albacross retargeting.”

Robbert Linschooten

PHC Europe Marketing Specialist

Leveraging Albacross to Drive Exceptional Growth in Niche Markets

Meet Robbert Linschooten, an enterprising digital marketing manager at a European medtech company specializing in high quality laboratory equipment and temperature-controlled storage solutions. The company focuses on a niche market, catering to laboratories, universities, and healthcare institutions across 40 countries. With a unique product range that includes ultra low-temperature freezers, pharmaceutical refrigerators, blood banks and incubators they were eager to expand their reach.

In the pursuit of increasing growth in their marketing channel, Robbert and his team turned to Albacross to boost their online presence and convert website visitors into valuable leads.

A Niche Market and a Digital Marketing Vision

PHC Europe faces a unique challenge: they operate within a highly specialized niche, where finding the right target audience and converting leads into customers is a critical task. Their product range was tailor-made for laboratories and research institutions dealing with delicate materials and life-saving pharmaceuticals, making the selection of potential clients even more crucial.

Unveiling Hidden Prospects

Robbert's journey with Albacross began when he was introduced to the platform by his online marketing vendor. The initial exposure generated value to Robbert’s organization by revealing the hidden demand of companies visiting their website. But Robbert saw an even more significant potential in the LinkedIn Integration feature. He envisioned utilizing the data provided by Albacross to fuel an exceptional marketing strategy.

Retargeting Campaigns on LinkedIn: The Game Changer

After realizing that Albacross has an exclusive feature by which he could generate intent driven audiences for LinkedIn retargeting purposes, Robbert got to quick work on leveraging the identified accounts visiting his website.

The effectiveness of the feature relied on the ability to retarget multiple decision makers within the accounts that are visiting relevant content pieces on the company website without using cookies. This form of cookieless, intent driven retargeting on LinkedIn led to spectacular growth in social media presence.

The first key feature of his strategy relied on Albacross’ ability to leverage the differentiation between audiences that are visiting specific pages of PHC Europe’s website, representing different product groups. The structure of the website already provided a great basis for a retargeting feature. By segmenting his identified traffic by different pages dedicated to separate products he was able to automatically batch LinkedIn audiences relative to which products they are interested in.

The second step relied on building workflows that would send those companies into the audiences of relevant campaigns that were tailored to the products showcased on relevant pages! With these means Robbert was easily able to retarget decision makers on LinkedIn, within companies that were showing interest in specific products, with content that was highly relevant to the targeted audiences.

The Remarkable Results: A Surge in Online Presence

The results were astonishing. Robbert's strategy yielded incredible growth on LinkedIn. Within a year, the company's followers increased from 5,000 to nearly 15,000. The unexpected surge in their online presence was awe-inspiring, considering that the budget allocated for the LinkedIn campaigns was relatively modest, at around €8,900 per month.

Advertisement for incubators

Advertisement for incubators

Empowering the Sales Team with Buying Signals through the CRM integration

After establishing a highly effective retargeting strategy that was generating a strong presence on LinkedIn, Robbert turned his attention to the means of further providing a means for the sales team to leverage the strong buying signals that Albacross was providing on account level intelligence.

The key part of the second step was then to craft a way to have an automated export of ideal accounts into the company CRM system and deliver the relevant intelligence that the sales team could leverage to ease their processes and shorten sales cycles.

Key Takeaways:

  • Albacross proved instrumental in helping a medtech company expand its online presence and engage with potential clients.
  • Focused retargeting campaigns on LinkedIn led to an astonishing growth in followers and, in turn, potential leads.
  • Enabling the sales team with the appropriate buying signals from Albacross lead to increasing lead generation, easing the sales process and shortening sales cycles.

In a nutshell, Robbert's journey is a testament to the power of data-driven marketing and the invaluable role tailored account targeting and analysis plays in helping businesses conquer niche markets. With his vision and the support of Albacross, he was able to achieve high growth and establish a strong online presence in a highly specialized field. The future holds even more promise as they fine-tune their strategy and continue to leverage Albacross for unparalleled success in B2B lead generation.

“We’ve seen impressive results with the LinkedIn retargeting and my objective in the next phase is that I would like to continue the growth to 20,000 followers on LinkedIn and further optimize lead delivery to the sales team together with Albacross.”

Robbert Linschooten

PHC Europe Marketing Specialist

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