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PayFit Achieves 83% Higher Conversion Rate with Albacross Intent Data

PayFit automates your payroll and HR processes, allowing you to focus on more high-value tasks.


Create Intent Signals to inform SDRs which accounts to reach out to and when to increase conversion.


Albacross Intent Data helps the SDR team understand new and existing account intent, resulting in 83% higher conversion rate.


Intent Data




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PayFit is a European SaaS solution to help business owners and HR professionals save time and money with their payroll and HR admin.

Mission to increase conversion and efficiency

The PayFit Growth team has long been committed to finding target accounts and prospects for its SDR team’s outbound efforts and has been happy with the technical perspective of how the two are sourced.

However, despite working hard making phone calls and sending personalized messages via email and LinkedIn, the SDR team struggled to book as many demo meetings as they hoped.

Simply put, it was hard to match the accounts’ buying window and be relevant. As a result, the conversion rates suffered.

To increase conversion and efficiency, in Q1 2021 the PayFit team decided to launch an Intent Signals project. That is when the Growth team found Albacross Intent Data to support their objective.

Usually our conversion rate is at about 6%, and with accounts enriched by Albacross Intent Data, we can get 11% conversion rate, which is huge!

Gauvain Thery International Growth Accelerator Manager, Payfit

Intent Signals to focus on in-market accounts

The idea with the Intent Signals project was to add specific signals into the outbound processes and help the SDR team focus on the right accounts at the right time.

Not only would PayFit uncover potential new accounts from their website visitors, they would also enrich their existing accounts in Salesforce CRM. This would help the team understand which of these accounts are showing intent and are in the buying window now.

While all ideal buyers visiting the website are low-hanging fruit, to maximize efficiency it is vital to prioritize the highest intent and determine the perfect outreach approach. With this in mind, PayFit created different tiers of intent shown by new existing accounts alike.

Tier A+: Ideal buyers that have visited the pricing or demo pages and have not converted.

Tier A: Ideal buyers that have not visited the pricing or demo pages nor converted, but have engaged.

Tier B: Ideal buyers that have not visited pricing or demo page, converted, or engaged, but have spent 2+ min on website.

Tier C: Ideal buyers that have not visited pricing or demo page, converted, or engaged, and have spent less than 2min on website.

The strength of the intent signal determines the urgency with which the SDRs need to reach out to these new or existing accounts. For example, Tier A+ signals require immediate attention so that the buyers’ interest isn’t lost.

Taking the Intent Signals to the SDR team

To enable the SDRs to be quick and responsive, the Growth team created an automated workflow to notify their reps in the tools they use in their day-to-day. Isn’t it nice to achieve better results without the hassle of learning new software?

Apart from sending a direct Slack notification containing the name of the account and their top activity, a task to reach out is also created in Salesforce and Outreach. Nothing slips through the cracks, and the SDRs are ready to start meaningful conversations!

Albacross provides us crucial information on which pages accounts have visited, how long the visits were, and the number of visits, to name a few. Their Intent Data has become an important part of our Intent Signals project.

Higher conversion rates achieved

Thanks to the Intent Signals, insights into the specific needs of the accounts, as well as the knowledge of the right timing, the PayFit SDRs have seen an increase in their conversion rate from contact to demo meeting booked.

While the conversion rate for regular cold outreach sits at around 6%, accounts enriched with Albacross Intent Data have reached a conversion rate of 11%.

That’s 83% higher.

Utilizing existing resources like their website traffic and records in the CRM.

The team isn’t stopping there.

Intent Signals are there to stay and continue helping the SDR team perfect their timing and prioritization - and the Growth team is developing a training program to support the process.

We are rebuilding a training program for onboarding our SDRs and Albacross is definitely going to be a part of it - how to use the Intent Data and leverage it in their outreach.

Working with Albacross

Looking back on the journey between PayFit and Albacross, nothing would be as satisfying as it is now without the help of the Customer Success Managers – they helped the Growth team create the magic and customized segments that fit the vision of the Intent Signal Project.

The setup and working together has been great. Our Customer Success Manager’s advice helped us optimize the intent tiering, which was such a good call to help us increase the conversion rates of our accounts.