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Intent Data Helps CloudTalk Act Faster than Their Competitors

Gain insights into how the CloudTalk SDR team uses Albacross Intent Data to prioritize outreach towards in-market companies landing on their competitor comparison pages

David Cacik

Head of Marketing at

CloudTalk is an intuitive cloud-based call center software for sales and support teams of all sizes.


Find new channels and activities that help the outbound SDRs increase their efficiency and pipeline generated.


The CloudTalk SDRs now act faster than their competitors by prioritizing outreach towards in-market ICP companies visiting their competitor comparison landing pages.


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CloudTalk is a cloud-based call center software for growing sales and support teams.

As a champion of customer experience, CloudTalk provides its clients with superior call quality as well as integrations to any of the major CRM, help desk, and live chat software

Finding a New Channel to Find Prospects
for Outbound Sales

In 2021, CloudTalk's goal was to scale up the outbound efforts to help drive the business forward by entering more of their ICP, likely-to-close companies into their pipeline. The team initially decided on a setup where the outbound team would find companies within their ideal customer profile through self prospecting, find decision-makers and their contact details, and then perform omnichannel outreach.

While this gave the SDRs plenty of companies they could pursue, the marketing team wanted to support these efforts further. Their idea was to find new channels and activities that would help the SDRs increase their efficiency and achieve even higher conversion. David Cacik, Head of Marketing at CloudTalk, believes that intent data was the obvious choice to explore as a potential solution.

Going into 2022 we want to put more effort and find new ways how we can find prospects. Revealing website visitors was the obvious choice because they are not like cold leads that have never heard of us - they are already visiting the website so they know us.

David Cacik - Head of Marketing at CloudTalk

Not only would intent data help CloudTalk find new companies within their ideal customer profile, but it would also help the SDRs know which of the companies are currently in-market and are more likely to convert.

Albacross is the Right One - Data Granularity Won Them Over

CloudTalk has a specific ICP they are working with – mid-market companies with various branches.

Thus, when comparing different intent data providers, CloudTalk cared about more than just the quality of the database – the database needs to identify the precise location of the company branches.

"When we were testing out the different tools, the biggest obstacle for us was not revealing the companies that are browsing the website. It was all about pinpointing the specific location of the branch that was visiting us, and other providers were not able to support this.
Albacross was the only intent data provider able to pinpoint the specific location of the companies that visited our website. Without knowing the precise location, we would have no way to narrow the results."

Based on this granular identification, the CloudTalk SDRs are able to filter for the decision-makers that they wish to reach out to in specific branches that have shown intent.

Cloudtalk’s Competition Starts
In The Search Engine

Not all website visitors are the same and should be engaged the same way.

To maximize the success rate of their outreach, CloudTalk decided to prioritize engaging with those ICP companies that are landing on specific high-value pages.

A portion of CloudTalk's marketing budget is allocated for running ads on high intent keywords, including competitor brand terms.
To multiply the effect of running these performance campaigns, CloudTalk opted in for discovering buying intent through Albacross.
Identifying the companies visiting these high intent call center comparison pages would provide another stream of leads that haven’t converted at first but were already in the later stage of the buying cycle.

To make this happen, the marketing team created segments within Albacross, mapping the ICP companies to the comparison page visits.

The goal set for the outbound SDRs was to book a meeting with decision-makers in these companies in order to showcase the CloudTalk value before a competitor could.

Acting on the New Channel of Intent

To never miss a beat and to act faster than their competitors, the marketing team created a workflow to Slack, where the SDRs are notified whenever an ICP company visits the comparison pages.
From Slack, the SDRs can head to Albacross to view the full company activity and perform a company check.

To ensure that the company aligns with the detailed description of CloudTalk's ICP, an SDR checks and learns about the visiting companies and their activity.
If a fit is found, the SDRs send the company into a workflow to Hubspot.

The workflow maps the information Albacross has about the company, its activity, as well as contacts to decision-makers in the company as record types and property fields in Hubspot.
From here, the SDRs enroll the decision-makers into outreach sequences, personalizing the messaging based on the activity they have seen from the company on their website.

"Albacross is a completely different process to self prospecting and cold outbound. Based on the companies' visits to our website, we can see what they are interested in and how we should craft the sales language when reaching out to them."

Ganging Marketing Confirmation and Expanding the CloudTalk Pipeline

It isn't only the sales team that is actively keeping an eye on and acting on the Albacross data.
Albacross helps the marketing team see if they are attracting companies within their ICP.

Seeing these insights gives CloudTalk a validation that the marketing campaigns are performing well when the number of inbounds is lagging.
Similarly, it aids in understanding which activities should be ramped up to drive more ICP companies to the site.

For the whole revenue team, being able to reach out to the ICP companies visiting their website has created a new channel that helps expand their outbound pipeline.

Albacross is helping us expand our outbound pipeline in a new and different way, and we see this as a very positive impact.

CloudTalk believes that working with a tool like Albacross can only be as good as the team that companies have to support the new processes.

They get great insights with Albacross, but it is also important to put in their own effort to act on the data in order to create value.

The marketing team hopes that in the upcoming months they will be able to scale up the team of SDRs working primarily with Albacross identified companies to expand the pipeline further.

A strength of Albacross is definitely its people. From my first calls with the Account Executive who knew exactly how to discuss my challenges and use case, to the ongoing advice from the Customer Success Department, I have enjoyed the collaboration.

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