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Kerstin Haas-Maierhofer

Kerstin Haas-Maierhofer


What made you start with using Albacross?

“Data makes the difference!”

We have tested 11 different applications from around the globe. Albacross came out as best of class, offering the best best-performance ratio and the best quality of company identification.

We screened eleven different solutions, including products from software makers in India, the US, Canada, Germany, the Czech Republic and several products from the UK. We talked to all of them, by the way. Either on the phone or by e-mail. Finally, we decided to invest some money into testing and signed real contracts with two European companies that were able to identify a high number of companies. One of them was Albacross from Sweden. Ultimately this gave us the chance to test the two products for a longer period of time.

Have you seen any results from Albacross?

So what was the outcome? After doing a one on one comparison now for more than 8 months we can report that Albacross has identified roughly thirty percent more (!) companies than the competitive product.

How are you using Albacross today?

We have since started to propose Albacross to our clients, who trust us and expect us to only introduce high-performance digital tools, which are compliant to GDPR. The latest add-on by Albacross, an ‘opt-out’ link, underlines the GDPR-compliance of the tool.

This extension of the portfolio has already created a lot of new leads for us. If you are looking for an easy-to-use solution to identify leads and to grow your business, have a close look on Albacross … and if your company is based in Austria, Switzerland or Bavaria: give us a ring ;-) We are your regional partner to sign you up for a free demo.

About Appello

Appello Onlinemarketing was founded back in 2013 as an agency to supply Austria’s large market of small and medium businesses with digital marketing solutions. As we have been growing year by year (both on revenue and employees) we started to look into a lead gen & company identification tool in early 2019 to extend our portfolio.

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