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Alpega Group Supports Sales Process with ABM & Intent Data Strategy

Alpega Group is a leading global logistics software company that offers end-to-end solutions that cover all transport needs.


Deeply understand the companies interested in their business that they should reach out to to secure continued growth.


Albacross Intent Data and ABM Campaigns support Alpega Group to gain and act on website visitor insights across the customer awareness and consideration stages.


Intent Data & Account Based Marketing


Logistics Software


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Alpega Group is a leading global logistics software company that offers end-to-end solutions that cover all transport needs, including transport management services (TMS) and freight exchanges.

Alpega Group serves a wide range of clients - from SMEs to global brands like Adidas - to help them optimize complex supply chain processes.

Deeper Customer Insights to
Help Pipeline Generation

Alpega Group’s marketing team has primarily been generating pipeline through inbound channels, focusing on SEO as well as paid ads to drive demand to the website.

Securing continued growth in the volume of conversions is crucial. Working with large contracts, Alpega Group does not want to miss a single valuable lead and the ability to positively impact the bottom line of the business.

In order to accelerate business growth and generate more conversions for sales, the marketing team decided to explore intent data.

Intent Data would help them understand what kind of companies are showing buying or learning intent in their services and what resonates with them most.

These insights would help Alpega Group improve on its Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies to attract their potential customers better. Additionally, Alpega Group would gain insight into companies that are showing interest in them and should be reached out to proactively when they don’t convert on their own.

Supporting the Sales Process with
ABM & Intent Data Strategy

Today, Albacross helps Alpega Group across the customer awareness and consideration stages.

With Albacross, Alpega Group is able to:

  • Target their key accounts with brand awareness campaigns throughout the sales cycle,
  • identify the demand on their website and segment their ICP,
  • proactively create conversations with accounts showing buying intent,
  • perform account-based retargeting towards relevant website visitors,
  • analyze their marketing campaigns, collateral, and channels.

Precise Targeting through Albacross ABM

Alpega Group’s goal isn’t to just increase the volume of website traffic through paid advertising - what matters more is driving traffic that fits Alpega Group’s ICP.

In addition to traditional interest- and demographics-based targeting on Google and Facebook, Alpega Group is now running Albacross ABM campaigns to target specific key accounts based on their IP addresses.

The brand awareness campaigns deliver impressions across the web to all stakeholders within the target accounts.

Proactive Sales Outreach

Albacross Intent Data helps Alpega Group identify the companies visiting their website, regardless of their traffic source or conversion.

These insights are enriched with firmographic, technographic, and intent data collected by Albacross, helping Alpega Group create segments to focus on their best fit accounts.

The marketing team carefully reviews the segments and selects ICP accounts to send into their Salesforce CRM. There, the sales team has created specific sequences for pursuing accounts identified through Albacross.

Contact details provided by Albacross & Cognism enable further efficiency and save manual contact search time for the sales reps, letting them do what they love most - talk to potential customers.

Alpega Group isn't missing out on the opportunity to get in front of their potential buyers and proactively generate opportunities.

Retargeting with ABM

The marketing team manually checks the accounts that have been sorted into the ICP segments. If the team determines that certain accounts are a good business fit but might not be ready for sales outreach yet, they will be added to a retargeting campaign.

Instead of cookie-based retargeting, Alpega Group utilizes Albacross ABM campaigns to perform account-based retargeting.

Measuring Campaign Outcome

Alpega Group runs paid advertising to drive traffic to their website and has recently been experimenting specifically with Facebook ads.

However, Facebook advertising targets people based on their interests and it can be difficult to set up B2B campaigns in an optimal and precise way.

Therefore, Alpega Group needs to understand if the people they are targeting based on interest translate into website visits from companies that meet their ICP.

Through Albacross's "Source" filter, Alpega Group is able to zero in on the companies coming from Facebook and therefore analyze the effectiveness of their Facebook campaigns.

Similarly, the marketing team can understand how other marketing campaigns and channels are performing in attracting specifically their ICP companies.

Josephus Ayoola
Our primary marketing analysis has previously been focused on Google Analytics, however, this only gave us some audience data and not the full picture. It didn't help us understand fully if we are reaching the right kind of audience and the right companies. Albacross has done very well in helping us understand our audience much deeper. Josephus Ayoola - Digital and Growth Marketing Manager, Alpega Group

Albacross - A Great Partner for an ABM Strategy

Alpega Group is glad to have partnered up with Albacross and enjoys using Intent Data and ABM campaigns to support their long sales cycles and attraction of large potential clients.

Prior to partnering with Albacross, Alpega Group had been identifying their website traffic with another provider. However, the tool was merely collecting information in the background, and the marketing and sales teams struggled to act on the data.

When the time came for Alpega to actively start working with their ABM and Intent Data strategy, Albacross became the top choice to partner with.

1. Actionability of the Albacross data

It doesn’t matter how much data you collect if you don’t have the means to act on it.

Albacross's partnership with the GDPR compliant contact detail provider Cognism was something that Alpega Group valued highly.

The partnership enabled Alpega Group’s sales team to act on the identified accounts and intent by automatically providing the email addresses and phone numbers of their key decision-makers.

2. Superb user experience

The clean interface of Albacross allowed Alpega Group to easily find the relevant data and features needed to support their use case.

The user experience with Albacross was much more simple and intuitive compared to other providers. This is something that made Albacross stand out, and was one of the defining factors in our buying decision.

3. Outstanding Customer Success Managers

Albacross has helped Alpega Group gain deeper analytics of their marketing performance which helps inform their strategy moving forward.

The marketing team of Alpega Group praises the collaboration and advice received by the Albacross Customer Success Managers and sales organization.

Our Customer Success Manager organized a coaching session between our BDRs and the Albacross BDR Team Lead, discussing how to approach the Albacross identified leads. This is something that we want to keep as a tradition every quarter. It helps inspire our BDRs and connects them to the story behind the leads from Albacross.

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