Q2 has just kicked off, and our product team brings exciting new features, integrations, and improvements. Let’s see what’s new in April.

🚀 New Products & Add-Ons

Improve Sales and Marketing Efficiency with In-Depth Technology Insights

Now, you can build Segments based on technology insights from HG Insights, the global leader in technographic intelligence. The company stands out from other providers for its data mining technology, which tracks and refines data from over 20 billion unique sources.

The new feature reveals the IT products that your prospects are purchasing, how they’re using them, and for how long. It’s particularly valuable for tech companies looking to:

  • Hyper target marketing campaigns: build extremely customized nurturing campaigns based on your prospect’s tech stack
  • Optimize sales outreach: prioritize accounts with the highest likelihood to buy and personalize outreach efforts
  • Build better account prioritization and segments: use technographic insights to determine the value of prospects and accounts
  • Uncover new markets: Identify market size and untapped potential based on IT spending.

The technographic insights can be found right inside Albacross or synced with your marketing, CRM, or sales tools.

👉 Reach out to Support or your Customer Success Manager to learn more about the feature.

💎 Workflows & Integrations

Improved Hubspot Record Matching Process

We’ve enhanced the record matching process for Hubspot users. Now you can map fields for record matching and de-duplication checks using all Albacross data points (e.g., country, address, LinkedIn URL) instead of only a select few.

The new record matching mechanism eliminates duplicates and ensures data accuracy. Open your Hubspot workflow → Record Matching → Add a matching field to set it up.

Match Up Records Based on Salesforce Custom Picklists

We are introducing an additional feature to help our customers keep a clean Salesforce instance. It’s now possible to set up field mappings using custom picklists for your matching rules.

Simply go to Workflows → Salesforce → Record Matching → and choose the Picklist that Albacross should check to start using the feature.

Company Number Is Available to Be Exported to CRM

Company number is an identifying number to help our users organize accounts inside their own CRM. Now, users can export this data point to Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Google Sheets.

If you want to export the Company number to your CRM – it must be Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Sheet, or Pipedrive, go to your CRM workflow → Field Mapping and match the Company number with your specific CRM field.

New Conditional Filters: Create Flexible Segments in Less Time

In case you haven’t seen it, it’s possible to mix the “AND” + “OR” filter conditions to create highly customized segments to find your ideal accounts.

For instance, if you’re interested in accounts located in Europe OR accounts in the Accounting industry, you previously needed to create two separate segments.

👉 Watch a quick tour of this feature

Google Sheets Is Fully Available to Pro Customers

Now, all PRO customers can export and easily centralize intent data provided by Albacross in Google Sheets. To get set up, simply access the Workflows list and click Google Sheets.

👉 Learn how to connect Google Sheets to Albacross

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Lucia Fallavena

Lucia Fallavena

Product Marketing Manager

Passionate about SaaS and B2B marketing, Lucia is on the mission to help revenue teams thrive with Albacross.