The integration of automation into WhatsApp

Automation is slowly conquering the business world.

It has become a necessary element as it enables businesses to focus on other vital tasks. A certain set of tasks is very time-consuming and overburdening for the employees.

Automation helps to eliminate/reduce the existence of such tasks.

One such method of reducing trivial tasks for the employees to perform is through Chatbots, but in this particular article, we’ll understand the nitty-gritty of WhatsApp chatbots.

To understand that, we must know what a chatbot is. A chatbot is nothing but a computer-generated program that enables you to automate your messages and converse with your customers at all times.

integration of automation into WhatsApp Source: Verloop WhatsApp chatbots

A WhatsApp chatbot allows one to respond to customers’ messages through the most popular messaging application - WhatsApp. You can also automate your responses which enables you to be in constant touch with your customers.

Not to mention, the integral decision to realize that the company needs WhatsApp, that too in an early stage is highly essential.

A chatbot can be curated within your company website or your application. But for a WhatsApp chatbot to function you simply need to download the WhatsApp Business application. For even better integration and to be able to automate your messages you can also get access to WhatsApp Business API’s. This can be achieved through third-parties.

There are various third-party platforms such as Verloop, Karix, Yalochat, etc. who are giving access to WhatsApp’s API’s and making the process much simpler for the companies.

Every company has abundant sales tasks and their most critical factor is to generate leads.

WhatsApp chatbots enable a company to automate most of their mundane sales tasks due to which the sales representatives can focus on vital tasks.

Tasks which can be automated through WhatsApp chatbots can be of-

  1. Lead Generation - Here, through WhatsApp chatbots you can reach out to the interested customers as the customers who are keen can themselves reach out to you through the means of WhatsApp. The customers will show their interest by filling in forms on your website, also known as opt-ins. Through these opt-ins you can reach out to them for further communication.

    automated tasks through WhatsApp chatbots - lead generation
    Source: Verloop WhatsApp chatbots

  2. Customer Support - Through the means of WhatsApp, the customers can pose their queries and get immediate responses. Through this, the customers are left satisfied as they get instant responses to their troubleshooting issues.

    Usually, a customer has to call the support line or write up an mail and wait for a few days to get an instant response. With the inclusion of WhatsApp chatbots, the customer need not wait for long and also it becomes easy in messaging as they don’t have to leave the interface(messaging platform - WhatsApp) while communicating. WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging application, hence its ease of access is appreciated.

    automated tasks through WhatsApp chatbots - customer support
    Source: Verloop WhatsApp chatbots

  3. Book Meetings - When a prospective customer comes across your page and shows interest by visiting various other links they would be interested in booking a meeting and getting in-depth analysis on the usage of your companies products/services. This way a person can automatically book a meeting as per your calendar availability. They can simply do so by sending a message to the company on WhatsApp. Now isn’t that easy?

    automated tasks through WhatsApp chatbots - book meetings
    Source: Verloop WhatsApp chatbots

  4. Reduce support volume - With the advent of WhatsApp chatbots, the sales representative can only step-in when his/her requirement is needed. Therefore, they can easily focus on other important tasks and add a human touch to the conversation when required.

    automated tasks through WhatsApp chatbots - Reduce support volume
    Source: Verloop WhatsApp chatbots

We can all agree that with increased clientele and the inclusion of more products, a company has to always give the utmost priority to its customers. They should never be neglected.

To allow constant communication and a high response rate, WhatsApp chatbots are highly recommended.

The By-Products of WhatsApp

The By-Products of WhatsApp Source: Verloop WhatsApp chatbots

There are two kinds of by-products that WhatsApp has introduced. One of them is WhatsApp Business Application and another WhatsApp Business API’s. WhatsApp Business Application can easily be downloaded, after which you can easily respond to your customers and schedule your away messages as well.

The other by-product is of WhatsApp Business API, the access to this can be received through third-party integrations. As mentioned above, companies like Verloop can be contacted for this and you can get a fruitful experience.

With access to the WhatsApp Business API, you can completely automate your messages, whereas through WhatsApp Business you will have to manually respond to the messages sent by the customers.

But an interesting feature, that is, the ability to set away messages allows you to schedule away messages - this is to be used when your business is non-operational or the business hours for the day are over. Only if you want you can set this. Also, you can send away messages to a selective set of clients.

To get access to WhatsApp API’s at an affordable rate with great integrations, click here.

The main need for WhatsApp chatbots is that it enables the customers to converse with the companies without changing their interface. Usually, for a chatbot, you will have to visit the company website or its application.

But for a WhatsApp chatbot, you can remain on the same interface, i.e. the popular messaging application - WhatsApp and easily talk with the company.

The pricing of WhatsApp chatbots is relatively cheaper than traditional messages, therefore you must consider this opportunity for your business as soon as possible as it is a very essential tool for the smooth running of your business.

We all know for a fact that in this growing economy where the demand and supply are constantly increasing, companies are always on the run to introduce new products or services to keep their customers satisfied.

Due to this the client base is always increasing. It’s impossible to have your sales representatives to keep in constant touch with the customers all the time. Of course, the representatives will have a personal interaction with the existing customers or prospective leads, if they want.

This is mainly towards lead generation and for narrowing down on the vast base of consumers that reach out to you on a regular basis. As every lead that reaches out to you may not necessarily be converted into a customer.

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We can agree on the importance of automation in this era. Whether we consider it to be a boon or a bane, we all know how much of a difference automation can make within the businesses. The introduction of automation within the business allows the representatives to focus on other integral tasks by allowing a few of the mundane/repetitive tasks to be undertaken through the means of automation. WhatsApp chatbots are the new rage in terms of Conversational platforms, wherein it is a convenient platform for both - the company and the customers.

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