We’ve heard it a million times.

Your readers will not subscribe to your email list unless you can provide real value in return.

The denizens of the marketing world have a name for these incentives.

They are called “Lead Magnets”.

Effective lead generation is a critical objective for any business, and optimized lead magnets can help to move them much closer to their goal.

Unfortunately, most websites neglect to leverage the full potential of this marketing technique. The truth is that unless you’re an established leader in your industry, you will find it difficult to grow your mailing list without an attractive frontend offer in place. Research suggests that giving prospects a sample of your best content in advance can increase email opt-in rates by up to 83.75%!

Are you really willing to let all those potential customers go begging?

Not a chance!

The upside of lead magnets seems even clearer when you consider the sheer volume of competition you’re dealing with. In the modern digital marketplace, tens of thousands of businesses are augmenting their lead generation processes with sophisticated marketing automation platforms and cutting-edge data analytics. The fact is, getting visitors to subscribe to your email lists is tougher today, than ever before.

Despite these challenges, lead magnets have proven to be a consistent attraction for digital users in almost every segment increasing conversions by anywhere from 2% to 7%! You may be able to enjoy even better conversion rates if what you’re offering is especially good.

So why do lead magnets work so well?

In a nutshell, lead magnets offer visitors something that’s increasingly rare on the Internet exclusivity. The value contained within a good lead magnet is wholly unique, and what’s more, it is completely free!. Whether you’re offering an ebook, a special discount code, or a laundry list of resources you need to keep this basic principle in mind whenever you craft a new lead magnet.

While you may have clicked through a lead magnet or three at some point in the past, you may not have felt compelled to offer up your email address to the websites in question.

Does this prove that lead magnets don’t work?


However, it does show that badly designed lead magnets are about as useful as a keyword stuffed blog post in 2020. As with any content marketing strategy, the secret to a high converting lead magnet lies in the execution.

What’s Common in High Converting Lead Magnets?

If you wish to create a highly effective lead magnet, here are some must-have ingredients.

  • It should be business oriented
  • It should be concise
  • It should be problem-focused and actionable
  • It should be useful and specific
  • It should be easy to follow

If you wish to get more subscribers for your email list, you must ensure that the lead magnet is relevant to the needs of your target audience. The exact nature of the offered incentive will depend largely on your prospects’ demographics, pain points, and the industry that you operate in.

That being said, there are a couple of different approaches that have shown consistent success across the board.

Lead Magnet 1: Offer a Webinar

Webinars are live or pre-recorded video presentations that deliver unique insights, prospective customers. This marketing materials position your brand as an expert in its domain. Offering real learning opportunities to website visitors, immediately increases the chances that they will consider purchasing your products and services.

Webinars generally offer the best conversion rates when they are advertised for limited periods of time. Think of it as even marketing done online.

Where to Put Up the Lead Magnet

You can host your webinar on Social Media or directly on your website Home Page. If you go with this, it is highly recommended that you direct your visitors to a landing page that conveys your webinar agenda and captures the attendees contact information to assist follow-up. However, the best way to deliver your webinars is to compliment them with a virtual event.

By partnering with a virtual event platform, you can boost the return on your investment in a webinar by leveraging the same content to engage more users over a longer period of time. Competent event platforms build an immersive virtual environment where attendees can view webinars on demand, download content and network with the presenters and attendees via chat, long after the webinar session is over.

Choosing an online events platform keeps your content evergreen and also allows for closer metrics tracking which is great for post-webinar follow up and to improve your future webinars for maximum engagement and lead generation.

If you have enough content to offer then an archive of webinars can offer ongoing value for your prospects

Lead Magnet 2: Offer a Newsletter

Reading online newsletter

Another great way to generate conversions is through a newsletter.

However, an online newsletter isn’t the same as a published periodical. If you’re planning on deploying this type of the lead magnet, then you need to clearly indicate the kind of content that you will be providing in the newsletter beforehand. You must also let your prospects know how often they can expect to receive new newsletters. Adding a subscriber count to the newsletter can help to establish the credibility of your content, and encourage prospects to buy-in.

Where to Put Up the Lead Magnet

Place the lead magnet offering the newsletter on your Blog page, so that you can attract readers that are already interested in long-form content.

Lead Magnet 3: Offer Your Pricing Details

Many businesses don’t offer the pricing of their products upfront. This makes them miss out on a large chunk of the target market. Providing pricing details in return for visitor emails is a great way to improve lead generation. People will be more willing to make a purchase from you if they have an idea about your pricing and whether or not they can afford your offerings. This lead magnet works best for service companies.

The classic multi-tiered plan comparison template is extremely effective for getting all of your sales information across in a concise manner

Where to Put Up the Lead Magnet

You can include the popup for this lead magnet on the Home page. If you have individual service pages, then include individual lead magnets for each one on the relevant page.

Lead Magnet 4: Offer Free Consultations

Free consultations help to personalize your brand to otherwise uninformed or skeptical website visitors. The fact is, that many prospects fail to make a purchase because they are still unsure about your offerings. Who can tackle these doubts better than your own employees? By offering these individuals the chance to reach out and connect with you personally through call or live chat, you can help to create goodwill around your brand.

Where to Put Up the Lead Magnet

The best page to put up the lead magnet of the free consultation is your pricing page. You may also put it on your service pages if you are a service company.

7 Innovative Lead Magnets That Are Guaranteed to Generate Conversions

Lead Magnet 5: Offer A Free Checklist

Offering a free checklist is one of the simplest yet most effective lead generation techniques. Checklists are easy to prepare, simple to read, and they offer immediate value to interested website visitors. All they need to do is enter their email address and download the checklist.

Where to Put Up the Lead Magnet

Include a checklist-based lead magnet on your blog page as a supplement to your posts.

Lead Magnet 6: Offer a Discount Code or Coupon

Direct offers are another great way to grow your email list. We mentioned at the beginning of our blog that people love free stuff. What’s better than getting a discount? Give them a direct offer and they will be more than willing to subscribe to your email list.

Where to Put Up the Lead Magnet

It is best to include the popup lead magnet with direct offers on individual product pages or the on checkout page itself. This tactic will help to attract the customers’ attention when they are browsing through your products.

Lead Magnet 7: Offer an Email Course

Why not integrate your lead magnet into your existing mailing list with a comprehensive email course? When subscribers opt into this lead magnet, they receive a series of follow-up emails on one specific subject. Email courses help to build your rapport between businesses and their with the potential or current customers. When crafting your email course, make sure to integrate your existing products or services into the marketing materials so that subscribers are compelled to convert in order to get the most out of your lessons. People will be far more likely to buy from you in these cases.

Where to Put Up the Lead Magnet

You can promote email courses popups across your website. If they are more relevant to one service or product, keep them limited to those pages.

Creating the most effective lead magnets for your business doesn’t have to be a tough task. Just find the one that suits your business and its clients the best and get started. Put together a plan and work on how you want your lead magnet to come out to your potential customers.

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