When we launched Albacross in 2014, our goal was to help marketers generate more leads for their sales team and reach their most important accounts with Account Based Marketing.

We did this by arming them with intelligence on the companies visiting their website so they could work towards increasing their customer base. The results were great. Marketers generated more leads than ever and consistently hit their targets.

Today, we know that quality is better than quantity. The success of marketing is no longer measured by the number of MQLs alone. Salespeople need valuable, high qualified leads that recognize the benefits of your product and quickly flow through the sales cycle.

Ultimately, it’s about gaining loyal customers to increase revenue for your business.

The Rise of the Revenue Team

To achieve increased revenue, marketing and sales must come together to break down traditional organizational silos and become one revenue team.

After all, no person is an island. That’s especially true when it comes to growing your business.

We strongly believe in working to improve marketing and sales alignment in our own organization.

For a long time our marketing team was solely focused on measuring MQLs— number of meetings booked and active trials. We soon realised that no matter how much demand we generated, if the leads weren’t progressing through the sales cycle, we weren’t generating revenue for the business— essentially our marketing efforts would be rendered nil.

In addition, we found that this way of working meant that marketing and sales weren’t working as a unified revenue team.

So over the past 12 months, we’ve been working hard to align our revenue-generating teams. We started with unifying our KPIs across marketing and sales. Our marketing team now measures the monetary value of opportunities generated and this allows us to get a better understanding of the quality of the demand we generate and how it impacts the bottom line. It also creates alignment across marketing and sales.

“We still think lead generation is fundamental to successful marketing— that will always be in our DNA. However, we understand the intelligence we provide can be used for so much more than just generating leads. It can be used to accelerate revenue and unify teams.“

That’s why we decided to create our Revenue Acceleration Platform – a real time solution that enables revenue teams to capture more demand, accelerate the sales cycle and create personalized experiences across the entire buyer journey.

Our Revenue Acceleration Platform is made up of three intelligence solutions which accelerate demand, growth and sales which in turn help increase revenue for your business.

  1. Demand Acceleration - enables you to capture new and existing business demand
  2. Growth Acceleration - gives you the ability to increase engagement and conversion on your website
  3. Sales Acceleration - allows you to find and connect with the right decision maker so you can convert new business demand.

Revenue Acceleration Framework

1. Demand Acceleration

Every marketer wants to generate demand for their business.

You do all the right things to attract new and existing business—bring visitors to your website, create engagement and optimize the buyer journey so you can convert the demand.

But there’s one problem.

You can only generate so much demand month over month with the budget you have. To add insult to injury, only 2% of your website visitors, on average, convert to a lead. That’s a hell of a lot of website visitors left on the table.

So how do you capture the demand you’re driving to your website without spending more?

The answer is by revealing unidentified demand.

Unidentified demand constitutes website visitors who showed interest on your website but did not convert into a lead (they didn’t identify themselves through a form fill).

Demand acceleration enables you to shine a light on unidentified demand of both new potential buyers and existing customers.

Firstly, it uses intent data to identify new business. It provides you with firmographic data about a company such as:

  • Company name
  • Industry
  • Number of employees
  • Revenue
  • Current technology stack
  • Pages visited on your website
  • Number of visits to your site
  • Session duration

This information is critical to generating qualified leads.

Secondly, demand acceleration also uses account intelligence to help Account Managers identify existing customers showing intent on their website. Having this knowledge to hand gives them the opportunity to up or cross sell and improve communication during long deal cycles.

This powerful data duo ultimately helps you capture demand and accelerate revenue potential that previously would not have been accessible.

2. Growth Acceleration

Marketers invest huge amounts of time, effort and money to generate demand and attract buyers to their site. They spend endless amounts of budget to get them there through various channels - email, social media, paid ads, organic search to name a few.

So they get visitors to their site, then what? This is when it typically goes downhill.

Many marketing teams lack buyer insight, making it difficult to create personalized experiences that drive engagement and conversion.

As consumers, every aspect of our purchasing experience is personalized. B2C Marketers make sure of that. For them, personalization is at the heart of their marketing strategy.

That’s why our favorite retailers often target us through online ad promotions created around our past behavior or they send us email promotions based on our previous buying decisions.

B2C marketers see the power that personalization can have on engagement and conversion.

While there are differences in B2C and B2B personalization, mainly around the complexity of the buying journey and the fact the journey may not end online in B2B, businesses certainly have a lot to learn from B2C.

“The first aspect of personalization that B2B brands need to get a better handle on is utilizing intelligence data to understand who is on your website.“

Growth acceleration does just this.

It gives you the ability to create personalized website experiences that increase engagement and conversion.

We’ve created Europe’s first solution that uses firmographic data to dynamically personalize your website messaging and chat in real time. This allows you to create unique journeys and reduce friction for each website visitor.

3. Sales Acceleration

We’ve established that identifying demand on your website, earlier in the buyer journey, provides you with an opportunity to generate more sales and revenue for your business.

However, simply identifying that demand isn’t enough. You need to turn it into pipeline.

Building pipeline starts with prospecting. But prospecting is no piece of cake - ask any Sales Development Rep (SDR).

SDR’s will tell you just how hard it is to hit their number. Often, the number one blocker for SDRs is the lack of insight on potential buyers who have visited your website.

They’re not clear on who they need to reach out to and with what message.

Sales acceleration helps you overcome that challenge and supports you in converting identified demand.

Using intent data, SDRs don’t need to start from scratch. There is simply no need for pure, cold outreach anymore.

They can prioritize companies who have already shown interest on your website. What’s more, they can be notified the moment a prospective buyer visits your site, meaning they can follow up right away.

In addition, SDRs can use B2B contact data to find the right contact at those companies so they know who to reach out to. This makes the entire process of capturing demand much more efficient.

The best part? All of the intelligence gathered on these companies and prospects is enriched and made available directly in your CRM— your single source of truth.

That means sales teams have all the intelligence they need to accelerate the sales process and get to revenue faster.

Start Accelerating Revenue Now

In today’s climate, revenue is everything. If marketing and sales teams are to achieve the shared goal of increased revenue you need to capture demand and create experiences that matter.

To make this a reality, you need intelligence. You need intelligence about the demand you’re driving— you need to understand your buyers goals and challenges, how their organization works, the different technologies they use, what they’re researching and so forth. That insight allows you to create personalized interactions that are relevant across the entire buyer journey.

Our Revenue Acceleration Platform gives you that power.

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Victor Ekelund

Victor Ekelund

CEO Albacross