Inbound marketing if done right can bring a lot of passive income to your business. Unlike traditional marketing methods, you do not need to spend a lot of money to reach out to the people that are not even in your target market. You can laser target your campaigns based on age, gender, interest, and so on.

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Many corporations are enjoying the tremendous power of inbound marketing. With that said, you cannot get anything in return without investing your time setting up a system and implementing effective inbound marketing strategies. One of the great tools that can help you with your inbound marketing efforts is HubSpot Inbound Marketing software.

HubSpot lets you enjoy their excellent set of tools for free. You can get keyword ideas, schedule your social media posts, monitor your content marketing campaigns, and more with HubSpot tools. It will help you setup the system.

When we discuss inbound marketing, there are two methods of getting traffic. They are: Paid and organic. In this article, we will discuss organic search traffic.

The best thing about organic traffic is that the search engines will keep you sending high-quality traffic if you manage to dominate the search ranking. Despite being free, the conversion rate of SEO traffic is excellent. But, you need to put a lot of work up front to reap the benefits of organic traffic. Along with that, you need to implement the right strategies.

The revelation of Tactics that will Significantly Enhance Your Search Traffic

If you ask about increasing your search traffic with random people on the online forum, you may get tips that might waste your time, give a little boost to your number of visitors, or get your site blacklisted on Google. If you do not know how to discern the suggestions, you may end up ruining your whole efforts.

In this section of this article, I will share some proven tactics that have worked for many businesses. All the tactics are white-hat and will not bring any trouble to your site. Here are the tactics that you can apply today to boost your search traffic.

1. Start with a content audit

What if I tell you that removing some pieces of content can drive more traffic to your site. It is a reality, and many websites have seen a boost in their search traffic by doing so. The method of selectively removing weeds out of your site is called a content audit.

Content is all about analyzing various pages that are not performing well and then removing or replacing the page content to keep your site healthier. Google and other search engines will see your site as more authoritative if you have no low-quality posts on your site.

Ahrefs saw a spike in their traffic by 7.57% after removing 31.7% of their posts. Some other sites saw over 50% spike in their website after performing a content audit (Source).

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2. Dominate the search term that has no real competition

There are plenty of keywords that are still not tapped by huge sites. What I mean is, you can find plenty of search results for search terms where the sites are not offering quality articles. For instance, if you see search terms where there are no real valuable articles provided to users. You can come up with a top-notch material that Google and other search engines would love to promote.

But first, you need to do some keyword research via tools like Ahrefs, UberSuggest, etc. that will help you to find keywords set with no competition. Check out the domain authority and word count of the articles that pop up on search results.

If you see crappy articles on top 5 search terms, come up with highly valuable materials that deserve the first five positions in the search results for that specific keyword.

3. Focus on emotion-based headlines

It doesn’t matter if you manage to get on the first page of Google if no one clicks on your link. One of the great ways to increase your click-through rate is by focusing on creating emotion-based headlines.

So, when more people click on your link, Google will promote your site. Here is one example of a headline based on emotion:

“How to shed 20 pounds fast without sacrificing tasty foods?”

It triggers the emotions, such as curiosity and the word “fast” promise them instant gratification that will urge them to know more.

4. Track your competitors and their backlinks

One effective way of increasing your chance of getting backlinks is by keeping your competitors closer, it means to keep track of their backlinks. By analyzing your competitor’s post, you can increase your chances of getting backlinks.

I’ve taken blog post for showing you the example:

Link building

You can see the list of sites that have linked to the article. Offer better content to get backlinks from those sites. Follow the link to know more about the process of replicating backlinks.

5. Boost your newly published blogs

No one will know about your newly published blog posts. Search Engines will not view your article as an essential resource on the topic. So, to get the momentum going, you can leverage the power of paid advertisement.

It will help in attracting more people to visit your page and might share your blogs. You should not discount your email list, reach out to your list with your new post. As your subscribers are more likely to share your piece of content.

6. Focus on creating viral posts and reach out

You can find many topics that are likely to go viral by using tools like BuzzSumo and searching on social bookmarking sites like Reddit and Q/A site like Quora.

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After creating a valuable/viral blog, you should reach out to the right people and ask them for a favor. There is a good chance that they will link out to your site and share it on their wall. It will let you get a lot of traffic to your page.

When you get higher social signals and backlinks, Google will promote your site.

7. Find secondary keywords for the search term that you are already ranking

You may be doing well on various search terms. List them out and find secondary keywords that are related to the search term.

Keyword ideas

Let’s suppose you are ranking for the term “affiliate marketing.” You can add secondary keywords to the existing article to rank for more keywords. It can significantly increase your search traffic.

My Final Say

Organic traffic is quite stable if it is an evergreen topic, instead of a fad. The tactics that I’ve mentioned in this article have worked out for many businesses.

What this means is, that there is an excellent chance that these tactics will work out for your site as well. Getting constant traffic means having a stable source of income.

However, there are times when you may see a significant drop in organic traffic, despite dominating the search rankings for months. You should keep on monitoring your performance and keep on updating your strategies, according to the demand of the market and changes in the industry.

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Do you want to share any more tactics that could increase search traffic? Do not hesitate to share your thoughts by commenting below.

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