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How We Cook Up Our Own Meatballs

How does Albacross use Albacross?

This is something our customers seem to be curious about. So we thought it would make sense to let our own people tell you how they use Albacross.

As a SaaS company, we are lucky enough to have such great use of our own service. And we are usually in the same boat as many of our customers.

We therefore gathered some of our own people for them to tell you how they use Albacross in their day-to-day activities.

Let's jump straight into it.

Becca Burns

Head of Sales

Becca leads our Sales efforts and always makes sure we achieve our people’s full potential.

She is determined to help people to develop and helps us in expanding our company. A truly great mentor that always delivers helpful advice so we constantly become better.

This is how Becca uses Albacross:

  • Keep track of Sales efforts
  • Obtain data to optimize client experience
  • Drive revenue

Our revenue team uses Albacross on a daily basis to make their sales efforts more impactful and efficient.

I get to observe the way our sales, revops and marketing teams use our data to make each client experience meaningful and ultimately, drive more revenue to the business as we expand in new and existing markets.

Viktor Carlsson

VP Business Development

Better known as just Carlsson around the office. He is a jack of all trades and always in high spirits. He was one of the founders of Albacross and knows the platform inside out.

He is a frequent user of the platform in analyzing data. In order to understand Intent and using filter tools to segment visitors so we can focus on the right customers to accelerate revenue.

Here is how Viktor uses Albacross:

  • Why chose Albacross
  • Countries filter
  • ICP filter
  • Converted Users Filter

Discovering buyers intent on your website is super important these days. It really has become a vital part of running successful sales and marketing operations.

One of the most useful features of the platform is segmentation to really identify your ICP so you can take action on those leads. Which is the real value that Albacross can bring to the table.

Victor Naess

Revenue Operations

When it comes to insights in Sales, Victor is your guy. He knows how to manage leads, talk to customers and deliver a smooth process.

He helps us to prioritize and and structure our lead management to figure out which leads to act on.

This is how Victor uses Albacross:

  • Slack Integration
  • Managing Leads
  • Assigning Leads to BDRs
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Outreach

Our internal workflow set up is very important to our daily activities. How we integrate with other software such as Slack and Salesforce. Much of what I use the platform for is to manage our leads in terms of assigning prospects to different Sales Reps and pushing them through Outreach.

Jan Benedikt Mundorf

Revenue Development Representative

Jan is our master in Sales. He is constantly up for a challenge and always pushes himself to reach his goals. Always with a smile.

He also makes sure to encourage his teammates along the way. That is the Albacross spirit defined.

This is how Jan uses Albacross:

  • Check out which of my deals are moving along the Pipeline
  • Enroll new prospects that fit our ICP
  • Use content to create meaningful touchpoints (Video, Pricing, Integrations)
  • Instant notification on when to reach out
  • Create urgency and legitimacy with gatekeeper
  • Re-engage with old accounts

I use the platform to get information about companies and the contact person before reaching out. This makes cold calling a lot easier when I know the prospect has shown intent.

Therefore my outreach becomes relevant and personal, which is a good recipe for being successful in sales.

Personalization + Relevancy = Meaningfulness

18:29 minutes of inside knowledge from our team.

There you have it folks, we live and breathe the Albacross platform everyday. Accelerating Revenue is key to take your company to the next step. Hope you learned a ton from our people and got to know them a little bit better.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. 😉

Fredrik Hallius

Fredrik Hallius

Content Writer

Fredrik Hallius is Content Writer at Albacross, with previous experience in copywriting and PR