G2, the largest software marketplace and review platform, announces its fall 2022 leaders.

STOCKHOLM— October 27, 2022. G2 ranks the best software companies based on authentic, timely reviews from real users. With over 57,844 software companies on G2, Albacross is proud to have ranked in the top in two main software categories, both in the buyer intent data category but also as the highest performer in the Account-Based Advertising category.

“Albacross is focused on bringing marketing and sales teams together to capture demand and accelerate revenue. We’re honored to be in the top both as a buyer intent data platform but also as an ABM provider. This is an achievement that can only be earned through the endorsements from our actual users, which makes us confident in our product offering.” said Victor Ekelund, founder & CEO of Albacross.

Products in the Leader tier in G2’s Momentum Grid® rank in the top 25% of their category’s products. Albacross scores in top in the overall satisfaction ranking and especially in areas like ease of setup, ease of use and ease of doing business with.

It becomes more interesting when we’re taking a deeper look into the two different Grid reports.

The company’s recognition in Grid® Report For Buyer Intent Data includes:

  • Albacross has been listed among the top 5 products in the High-Performer quadrant
  • Net Promoter Score 89 / 100 which outperforms leading US providers
  • Highest score within “Product Going in Right Direction?” 100100
  • 94% of its users are likely to recommend Albacross to others

“Our conversion rate used to be 6%, but enriching accounts with Albacross Intent Data got us an 11% conversion rate. That’s 83% higher.”

Gauvain Thery, International Growth Accelerator Manager at Payfit

“We’re incredibly proud with the latest G2 report and especially to have 100% approval of users about our product roadmap and plans. We’ve invested a lot in our buyer intent data platform and this is the ultimate proof, having customer’s telling us we’re on the right path,” said Oscar Johnson Hägglund, Head of Product at Albacross.

The company’s recognition in Grid® Report For Account-Based Advertising includes:

  • Albacross ranked as the #1 provider in the High Performers list
  • Net Promoter Score 88 / 100 which is the 2nd highest of all providers
  • Fastest implementation time of all providers (0.8 months)

“We can now do cross-channel retargeting ads to our ICP and put it on autopilot, which reduces tons of time. We also optimize cost by continuously excluding and including accounts in audiences. Albacross was the missing link in our new demand gen engine.”

Frederic Linjfärd, Director of Growth Marketing at Planday

“Time to value is increasingly important for today’s software buyer’s. Especially in the ABM space, products tend to be more complex and we’ve seen an increased demand for a product that is easy to adapt and implement. Hence why we’re excited to see that we’ve the fastest implementation time of all competitors in the ABM space” said Viktor Carlsson, VP business development & Co-founder of Albacross.

He added “We want to take the chance to thank all of our customers and partners for contributing and making this possible. We continue to learn new things everyday and we’re looking at the future with both humbleness and excitement.”

G2 ranks more software than any other software marketplace.

“As we continue to accelerate rapid growth, our online marketplace boasts 100,000+ software and services companies in 2,000+ categories and over 1.5 million trusted user reviews. Simply put, G2 is where you go for software,” said Godard Abel, co-founder and CEO, G2

To learn more, view the Grid® Report for Buyer Intent Data Tools | Fall 2022 and the Grid® Report for Account-Based Advertising | Fall 2022. Read more about G2’s methodology.

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Marcus Svensson

Head of Growth

Marcus Svensson is responsible for the Growth of Albacross with previous experience as a founder and background in Mathematics.