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How Planday increased Revenue from anonymous visitors with Albacross

Planday is a workforce management platform that enables shift-based businesses of almost any size and vertical to manage their workforce in one web-based system.


Identify new in-market ideal buyers and understand their high-value accounts’ interests to maximize outreach conversion rates.


The ability to reveal their website’s dark funnel and highlight high-value accounts that are ready to purchase. Marketing and sales collaborated better, and the demand generation processes were improved, increasing the number of sales opportunities generated.


Intent Data & Core Integrations


Information Technology and Services


Copenhagen, Denmark



Uncovering The Dark Funnel to Support Pipeline Generation

Every B2B company aims to drive more qualified leads, book more meetings, and generate more revenue. Launched in 2013, Planday was no different. They’ve built a strong marketing team, created tools that generate a considerable amount of inbound traffic, and made all the right decisions to attract website visitors.

Frederic Linfjärd, Director of Growth Marketing at Planday, realized they needed to think outside the box to impact their bottom-line in an even bigger way. Aiming to bridge the gap between go-to-market teams to generate more revenue, he was sure about one thing: The B2B buying journey has changed.

“What worked in marketing 10 years ago is not working today. The greatest challenge was aligning all the teams in the commercial departments to ensure that everyone swims together”

Frederic Linfjärd

Director of Growth Marketing at Planday

Using Intent Data To Find Out If You’re Succeeding In Marketing

Planday’s main struggle was revealing its website’s dark funnel. In other words: the website traffic they were investing real money and time to get.

98% of website visitors will not be prospective buyers. Remaining 2% of the prospects visiting your website will only become known to you when they engage through your website. They will be nurtured through your marketing and sales funnel until they finally become customers.

“We had a very high amount of traffic on our website, and we had no idea which companies were visiting our website. We did not have any technology, as you see these days, to reveal these things”

Frederic knew they needed the right technology to reveal the unknown accounts attracted to their website. Were they ICP-related companies? How many employees do they have? What type of buying intent are they showing? The right intent data tool could answer these questions.

To accelerate business growth and generate more conversions for sales, Planday decided to explore intent data, to spot companies showing buying or learning intent in their services and what resonates with them the most. But how could they pick the most suitable platform among numerous B2B providers?

Finding The Right Intent Data Platform

Buyer Intent Data platforms are relatively new and niche tools for B2B companies. That’s why it can be pretty challenging to understand the subtle differences among different providers and know the questions to ask before you purchase your own.

Frederic always looks for Growth Partners when choosing new platforms. With that in mind, he used the following framework when deciding on what tool to use:

Data Quality

“You need to find a provider with the best coverage in that area and region,” he said. It means having excellent data coverage, quality, and granularity.

Data Compliance

To find a fully GDPR-compliant platform that easily abides by privacy regulations across the globe.


To pick a platform that can easily integrate with their tech stack, with robust integrations that support different use cases, e.g. sending new leads into their CRM automatically, to make their outbound flow faster and smoother.

Easy to do business with

Choosing a platform that offered excellent support, robust integrations, and a knowledgeable Customer Success team with industry expertise.

Albacross: Highest Data Quality & Native Integrations

After in-depth research with distinct providers, Planday chose Albacross due to its data quality and coverage in the verticals related to Planday’s ideal customer profile. Being GDPR compliant was also decisive to them, as their key market is in New York.

The third aspect was having native integrations, which helped them seamlessly integrate Albacross into their technology stack, such as Salesforce. Robust integrations can make the data flow between tools smoother, giving people a more accurate picture of their business.

While many providers only offer these core integrations as an add-on, “Albacross does this as their core product. It always gets down to the data quality of the platform and all the features”, said Frederic.

Having a product interface that is simple and intuitive also played a role in proving Albacross was the right choice for Planday. “That's what I think is the power of it because it's in there that we have to optimize the different segments that we send into our different commercial teams. I think it enables us in several ways”, said Frederic.

Bringing Sales and Marketing Together With Intent Data

Using Albacross was a game-changer for Planday as it allowed their marketing department not only to be a delivery vehicle for inbound campaigns but also to a strong outbound machine, able to delivery high-value leads to sales. “We provide outbound things with great value in these types of intent leads that sales can quickly close”, explained Frederic.

Through intent data, Planday’s teams created workflows that dramatically decreased their time-to-act on high-value accounts visiting their website. “As soon as an account pops up on our website showing the right intent, I can send it to our CRM platform or Slack and activate our salespeople. We can also send it to our ad channels, where we can nurture them”, explained Frederic.

Thanks to that, Sales and Marketing have established a much closer collaboration, and they don’t need to wait until potential account signs up on Planday’s website anymore and engage with a page or a specific lead generation form to confirm their efforts are working.

“Albacross has really changed the way marketing and sales work together. Before, and very common in companies, it's easy to work in silos – marketing's over there and sales is over there, and they're doing outbound, we do inbound. Now we can actually work together, defining the accounts that we want to hit.”

A more collaborative environment allows marketing and sales teams to define the best strategy towards potential accounts; either nurture them or send them to outreach teams. “It creates this really great feedback loop where you have marketing, you have rev ops, you have sales and sales excellence working together in the same direction.“

By connecting Albacross to Slack, Planday was able to give each outbound team a dedicated slack channel and specific lead qualifications so that when such a prospect appears in Albacross, sending new leads into a specific slack channel, they’ll know right away in Slack and are be able to contact them while they’re still top of mind.

“Albacross has enabled our marketing teams to finally see the impact their work has on sales. I think Albacross definitely was the missing link in our demand engine.”

To be able to give that information, they packaged Albacross neatly through its behavior signals and managed to help SDR teams book multiple meetings. That’s especially rewarding to help marketers gain more confidence since “they can finally see the impact their work has on teams and help them in that way; “I think Albacross definitely was the missing link in our demand engine”, said Frederik.

Planday found the optimal way to get new opportunities faster with Albacross. This motivated their marketing team to expand their adoption and use the Google Analytics Enrichment feature, to connect intent data to their Google Analytics dashboards. They’ve leveraged Albacross’ intelligence to create better audiences for their ABM campaigns on Facebook, and LinkedIn. We’re happy to continue supporting Planday with its revenue objectives.

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