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Your UTM Builder

Smart Data Input

The template comes with a pre-filled legend you can adapt to your needs. This way, you never have to input data manually. Click and done.

Automatic case lowering

Google Analytics is case sensitive to analyze data. Using this sheet will automagically make all your links lower-case to make sure your reporting is always up-to-date. No more surprises later-on.

Creator tab

If you are running campaigns with a team, having a list with UTM"s can get messy. The sheet comes with a pre-filled tab to make add team members to understand which person created what UTM term.

Only 2% of companies visiting your website leave their contact details.

Albacross tells you exactly who’s visiting your website and how to reach them.

By using the correct UTM Tags, you can understand what type of campaign brought in what type of companies.

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