Looking for Whoisvisiting alternative?

There are dozens of lead generation tools that track and capture leads from your website visitors. Each of them is unique and has its pros and cons.

But if you are already using Whoisvisiting or you just considering adding this tool to your business stack, check it’s alternative - Albacross, first.

In short, it’s more powerful and accurate, but let’s dive into the details to prove this.

Feature Albacross Whoisvisiting
Lead history Up to 90 days 180 days
Total # of leads from 500/month Limited, from 200/m
Tracking method Custom Script Custom Script
Integrations Zapier Zapier
Contact data
Notifications Email, real-time via Zapier
Export CSV, anywhere via Zapier CSV
CMS Plugins WP, Joomla, Drupal WP
Support Live chat Live chat
Custom lead tagging
Targeted AMB ads campaigns

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Unlimited leads in your dashboard, regardless of the plan

When using a lead generation tool that captures leads from your traffic, the last thing you’d wish is to get a notification that you’ve exceeded the limit of the leads you can access for the month or week.

That is the main reason why Albacross allows you to access all the leads that the system captures on your website.

Compared to Whoisvisiting- which will stop tracking new leads if you reach the plan limit- Albacross appears to be more reliable.

Custom lead tagging

Better still, as soon as you get new leads appearing on your dashboard, you may notice some specific details about some of them.

If you don’t want to lose this info, just tag your leads right inside the Albacross dashboard.

Albacross stats

You can use the tags created beforehand, or create new ones on the go.

This will help you to keep things organized and avoid contacting companies which you are already working with.

Contact data on your fingertips

Once you get a lead that fits your Ideal Customer Profile and you wish to get in touch, how will you get their email or phone number?

With Albacross it’s easy!

You just click a magic button and gets the contact data of the key decision makers of the company right in a second.

You may be surprised by this feature if you’ve been using Whoisvisiting, as it doesn’t show you the contact data.

However, this saves you a lot of time as you can start reaching out to your leads right away.

Smooth integration with your existing business stack

Since Albacross features Zapier integration, you can easily connect it with the tools you are already using to serve your leads.

Albacross stats

There are 2 main ways of using it:

  • First, you can get the notifications about new leads captured into a preferred channel, like email or company chat. More so, you have full control over the data you’ll include in a notification.

  • Second, you can transfer the lead data into a spreadsheet, CRM or the outreach tool, or any other place you use to serve or nurture your leads. You have the control over this integration, as well, and can set it to run manually by pressing a button in the dashboard, or automatically i.e., if the lead is passing the predefined filter.

This way, you can easily include Albacross into your sales or marketing funnel.

Native CMS plugins for a smooth tracking code installation

Using a custom tracking code increases the leads quality; but this may look complicated for users who are not tech conversant.

Even though it isn’t as difficult, Albacross offers the native CMS plugins for the most popular CMS systems to make this task smoother.

So, compared to Whoisvisiting, which offers only a plugin for Wordpress, with Albacross, you have the following options:

  • Manual installation straight into the HTML of your website
  • Semi-manual installation via Google Tag Manager
  • Smooth installation via native WordPress, Joomla!, or Drupal plugins.

Choose an option that best fits your needs or skills level, and you’ll start seeing fresh leads right away.

Price comparison

After comparing the features of Albacross and Whoisvisiting, let’s now see how much both of these tools cost for a user.

Premium Plan Albacross Whoisvisiting
Price from €129/m from $49/m
Free Trial 14 days 14 days
Lead history 90 days 180 days
Email reports
CMS plugins WP, Joomla, Drupal WP
Integrations Zapier Zapier
Lead contact info

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Bottom line

As you may have been noticed, Albacross and Whoisvisiting are very similar in terms of the business idea, but they have different features that differentiate their leagues.

With Albacross you can get easier code installation, which is critical when using such a tool and even better, it has an extremely flexible Zapier integration. As a user, you will have full control over its configuration which opens more opportunities.

The next important part is the contact data, like emails and phone numbers, which is built into the Albacross plan and missing in Whoisvisiting.

So, if you are looking for Whoisvisiting alternative, feel free to try Albacross.

Sign up for a free 14-day trial now and check the performance, accuracy and all the other aspects that matter to you.