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Albacross gives you everything you need to identify, reach and convert your site’s
anonymous visitors.

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How can Albacross grow your revenue?

You spend a lot of time and money driving traffic to your website. But only 2% of
visitors end up contacting you.

With Albacross, you can identify the remaining 98% and get in touch with them!

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Albacross comes loaded with all the tools you need to curate and qualify high-value leads.

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How much
does Albacross cost?
It’s 100% free. It doesn’t matter how many visitors you track or how many sites you add.
Why not just use
Google Analytics?
Most analytics platforms won’t provide you with the same quantity or quality of lead-specific data.
Does my site need to run on WordPress, Droopal etc.?
No. Albacross integrates with any type of website. Getting set up is easy and only takes a few minutes.