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Here’s how Albacross helps you identify and reach your target high-value companies

Website Tracking

Website Tracking

  • Unlimited visitors and companies
  • Unlimited users
  • Automated email reports
  • Revenue, profit & contact information
  • Visit details page by page
  • Advanced filtering & tagging
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Sign up to Albacross and unlock the next-gen B2B platform for your Lead Generation and Account Based Marketing.

Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

  • Includes all Features from Website Tracking
  • Unlimited number of campaigns
  • Upload or create custom ads
  • Smart Recommendation (Coming soon)
  • Account based Retargeting (Coming soon)
  • World Wide reach
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Advertise to companies before they know who
you are – Cut through the noise with sniper precision.

Here’s What Our Customers Say

Great tool for use to us! Albacross gives us an agency a very clear and powerful offer to our B2B advertisers.
Albacross tells me exactly which companies that visits our webpage. It gives us leads with direct contact information. On top of that, great live chat for any support questions!
I’ve been using Albacross since the very beginning. My company Infoservice used to pay for website tracking before but now Albacross gives us more identified leads and its actually free. Easy to setup and great user interface that gives us quality leads every day. Try it out 👍🏻
Great product. Great team
Utmärkt verktyg, rekommenderas!
Great platform! I have already got leads to reach out to after just a couple of days :). Cant say anything else than give it 5 stars. Great work guys!!
Easy simple to use and great support. Thanks Kate.
Very useful in identifying otherwise anonymous traffic especially for B2B companies such as ours. Great UX with clean and data visualized in an easy to understand way. Keep rolling out new features and enhancements regularly. And a very friendly support team who respond quickly and do their best to keep us satisfied. I would whole heartedly recommend Albacross to any B2B organization.
Great platform with clear and unique functions! Really liked to use it!
Easy to understand.Great marketing strategy.I Like the work!
Ett enkelt verktyg, snygg layout och trevlig support!

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Sign Up to Albacross and unlock the next-gen B2B platform for your Lead Generation and Account Based Marketing.

Free to use. Easy Set-up. No credit card required.