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Never miss a lead. Find out in real time through Slack or another team communication app when a hot lead has visited your website.

How Albacross will help you


Identify Company

Albacross’ unique technology allows us to take a site visitors’ IP address and identify the corresponding company. Additionally, Albacross adds important sales information such as the website, employee count, geographic location, revenue, and more.


Segment Leads

Create custom user segments to filter out unwanted leads who don’t qualify and who shouldn’t be passed onto the marketing team / email automation software.


Get Notified

Alerts can be configured in email, Slack, and other team communication apps so your marketing and sales team are notified and ready to act in real time.

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“We wanted to start generate leads from our website and was thinking of setting up Hubspot. We actually tried to - but the setup was very complex and time consuming, as well as expensive. We also realized that we didn’t need all the features that the software gave us. We wanted to find something easy and Albacross popped up, giving us a leads from day one that we could act on. It turned being a great choice from us since its giving us great leads every month. A few of them have already converted to new customers”

Roger Hall

Head of Sales, Infoservice