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Become an Albacross Certified Partner

Provide exceptional account-based marketing to your clients by becoming an Albacross certified partner.

Albacross Account Based Marketing

Choose Your Audience
Choose Your Audience
Search and filter any company in the world or upload your own lead lists.
Sort by size, industry, revenue, or geography
industry and geography.
to help you target high-value leads.
Premium Publishers
Premium Publishers
Our programmatic advertising solution
secures that your ads only will be
published through premium publishers,
in the best performing ad formats and
with 100% viewailibilty.
Real-Time Reporting
Real-Time Reporting
Follow your campaign in our campaign
dashboard where you will see every
interaction made by any company in your
target audience. Views, clicks, CTR,
publishers on campaign and company

How Account Based Marketing Works

Teaming up with Albacross?

Albacross certified partner is for agencies that want to grow their businesses by providing exceptional account based marketing to their clients.