Note: This article is the second in a six-part series about getting started with Albacross. There are links to all of the articles at the bottom of the page.

Leads are the lifeblood of your business.

If you can ensure a steady supply of eager leads, then everything else falls into place.

With Albacross’ lead tool, you can generate new leads in three main ways..

First off, we provide you with details of the companies visiting your site. Second, you can search our extensive database for companies that fit your criteria. Finally, you can upload a list of companies and we’ll find their data for you.

In this post, we’ll show you exactly how to build a pool of high-value, best-fit leads. Let’s dive in.

The first way to find leads is to use keywords with our search tool. You can do this immediately after sign-up. There’s no need to wait for Albacross to collect data about your website’s visitors.

  1. Type your keyword into the search box. This will most likely be representative of the industry you wish to target. For the sake of this example, we’ll pretend we’re a fitness company that supplies gyms with equipment. We’ll type “fitness” into the search box.

Type your keyword

  1. You should now see your results. You can refine this list by using the filter tools on the left-hand side of the dashboard (we’ll cover this in more depth in the next post). For our purposes, we will limit the results to companies from America with annual revenue of 100K.

See results

  1. Once you’ve done this you can click through and add any promising leads to your “Target List”.

2. Web Tracking

Web tracking is our most powerful feature. To enable it you need to install a few lines of code onto your website. You can find full instructions by clicking here.

It can take a few days for us to fill up your dashboard with new leads. But after that initial period, we’ll update in real-time.

  1. To filter leads, simply set your preferences using the “Quick Filters” tab of the filter box on the left-hand side.

use quick filters

  1. There are a range of options available. You can filter by any combination of revenue, location, source and more. We’ll look more closely at these filters in the next post.

  2. You can also create and save unique custom filters in the “Saved Filters” tab and receive regular alerts about new leads. For a full explanation of how to use custom filters to find your hottest leads, click here.

3. Upload

Finally, you can upload a list of leads and we’ll match as many as we can with the information in our database. You need either the company name or number and the location. For full instructions, click here.

You can then add these companies to a campaign list to target on our ad platform.

What’s next?

Once you understand how to find leads, it’s time to refine and organise them properly. In the next article in this series, we’ll take a deep-dive into our filtering tools.

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Marcus Svensson

Head of Growth

Marcus Svensson is responsible for the Growth of Albacross with previous experience as a founder and background in Mathematics.