Normally, just 2% of website visitors provide their contact details, which is honestly not much. This is a common issue experienced by many B2B websites today. If you want your website to sell, it has to be a lead-generating machine, not just some ‘brochure’ site. It is necessary to have various landing pages, informative and useful blog content marketed through email and social media channels. Because otherwise, your B2B website is going flop.

In order to avoid this, we are going to review 5 effective tactics that will help your B2B website become a lead-generation monster.

Tactic #1. Drop Your Brochure Site Right Now!

Your website should be informative and even educational. In most cases, potential prospects won’t turn into leads, if they don’t find valuable information on your website. You have to focus on your site’s content – measure, develop, and keep a strategic mindset. This is the right first step in making your website a lead generator.

Just think clearly and logically. For instance, if a prospect lands on your site’s features page, make sure there’s a link to a client success story, where they mention about how this particular feature helped them in real life. And from there, the prospect should naturally be lead to a page, where they can leave their contact information.

Calls to action, or CTA, e-books, various forms, and other downloadable materials should also be available on your site.

Just keep thinking and combining these things and you’re going to start walking the right path.

Tactic #2. Place CTA Everywhere

Your website should be overfilled with CTAs. But, of course, you should do it wisely. Place different CTAs at different stages of the buying cycle to inspire and encourage your site’s visitors. And make sure they’re not long – 3 to 5 words is perfect.

Also, make sure you have the most CTAs in parts with most visitors – in sidebars, at the end of a blog post, etc. They should stand out with colors or font size to capture attention. Combine your calls to action with your best content and you will get an incredible result.

Tactic #3. 8020 Rule Is Great for Content

This one’s quite simple: 80% of your content has to be useful for your audience, whereas the other 20% should serve promotional purposes.

Educational content is necessary. The lack of it will turn potential prospects away from your site. It helps increase conversion rates and reduce bounce rates. So, focus on using and promoting your best content in different pages. Make sure to test and track the things you try – it will help you detect the best content and, thus, increase your conversion rates.

Tactic #4. Focus on High-Quality Traffic

Focusing on traffic and conversion is essential, when building a lead generation website. Not all traffic will meet the needed quality standards. You have to define the most valuable sources of traffic – those that bring you the most qualified prospects to your website. You can see this by comparing bounce rates and signup conversion rates.

Tactic #5. Resort to Relevant Technologies and Tools

You won’t go far without the right set of tools, when building a machine. Such things as a content management system and live chat on your website are the right tools to use. Marketing automation tools and account-based marketing software are also great things to consider to get your lead generation machine running smoothly.

But, before you get to these, you should consider to plugin Albacross lead generation to your website. It will automatically tell you which companies that visits your web page and it’s totally free to use.

The Bottom Line

If you follow the tactics mentioned above, you will succeed in turning your B2B website into a lead generation monster. High-quality content and right placement of your CTAs will help you achieve the needed effect.

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Marcus Svensson

Head of Growth

Marcus Svensson is responsible for the Growth of Albacross with previous experience as a founder and background in Mathematics.