We believe that lead generation should be free, for all companies, wherever you are. Identifying which companies are visiting your website can help you discover new customers. New customers that already show interest in your product or service. We hope to help every company in the world to grow their business and find new sources of revenue, by providing free lead generation, forever.

Statistics show that 90% of all B2B purchases start when a customer researches potential providers online. In fact, 57% of purchasing decisions are made before contacting a new provider. This means that the companies visiting your website are likely to have advanced in the buying process, making them more valuable to your sales team.

How can Albacross afford to make this free?

Lead generation with Albacross will always be free. We have chosen to diverge from existing practices to focus on user growth and sales through our advertising solution. We simply believe that many users of our free tool will also wish to market themselves to other companies online. It is a natural cycle from analysing web traffic, to targeting new customers and measuring the return.

We have built an advertising solution to target specific companies on the web. Once you have chosen your target audience we will only buy display ads when an employee of those companies visits a premium publisher - such as Forbes, Financial Times or Handelsblatt. You can be safe in the knowledge that your ads are shown in front of the relevant audience, while paying a lower price. As the campaign progresses we provide analysis to show performance and company engagement. How many times did they see an ad? Where did they see it? Did they click? And if so, what interest did they show on your website?

How do I get started with Albacross?

Go to Albacross.com/register and register an account.

You are able to see exactly which companies are visiting your website and only a few clicks away from creating precisely targeted advertising campaigns. It’s no harder than that!

Do you have any questions or just want to reach out? If so, please contact us at the email or phone below. Good luck with your marketing and sales efforts!

About Albacross

Albacross is offering a SaaS service where you can see exactly which companies that are visiting your website. The same platform also has an account based marketing solution where you can buy display ads targeted only to the companies that you select. Albacross was founded in 2014 and have raised funding from, among others, the Nordic CEO of Facebook and the Chief Product Officer of Spotify.

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Marcus Svensson

Head of Growth

Marcus Svensson is responsible for the Growth of Albacross with previous experience as a founder and background in Mathematics.