The way companies are closing their sales is changing rather quickly nowadays due to the pressure of new customer expectations, sudden leap in the available data quantity, and appearance of new product models. Because of this, businesses have to adjust and adapt to the use of new tools, combining them with the ones they’re already using in order to meet their needs appropriately.

The thing is that you have to resort to workarounds that cost you priceless time, organization, and energy, when you don’t have proper tools at hand. Using tools that meet your current needs and in the same time integrate with other tools you’re using is a much more effective way to take care of your sales process. You don’t need to go back to the “paper notes” age or wait for an email message from someone with something you need, but don’t have a deal yet.

The following sales tools provide a wide range of solutions for both small and large problems related to sales and management.

Tool #1. Ambition

Ambition basically deals with general user performance in real time. With this tool, managers can set favorable criteria and the staff can monitor their activity. In this tool, users are able to set the metrics they want to track and then extract data from phones, CSV, CRM, etc. in order to have a live performance view against each metric. Ambition is also a good choice for sales managers intending to gamificate, since its quick feedback keeps the audience interested.

Ambition has three payment plans:

  • Ambition: $1,000 a month, up to 20 users;
  • Ambition Cloud: $60 per user a month, billed once a year;
  • Ambition Cloud Plus: $90 per user a month, billed once a year.

Tool #2. Yesware

Yesware is basically a Gmail plugin. It also efficiently integrates with Salesforce. In general it can be treated, like a Salesforce email module that ties in with Google’s application suite. Users can track emails and, for example, see when recipients open their messages.

The thing is that there are tons of tools that provide such features. Yesware is different by offering various supporting functions, such as email reminders, templates, and send-later.

Also, let’s not forget the tool’s tying into Gmail. Many sales reps are using Gmail for email and Salesforce for CRM, but it takes too much time to hop between them. But, Yesware basically imports Salesforce into the Gmail inbox, which makes the process so much quicker and simpler. For example, one can reduce the time spent on lagging a call from minutes to a few clicks.

Yesware also has three payment plans:

  • Pro: $12 per user a month, billed once a year; or $15 per user a month, billed once a month; free trial;
  • Team: $25 per user a month with a free trial;
  • Enterprise: $55 per user a month with a free trial.

Tool #3. MarketBridge

Since client journey have become longer and involves a lot of self-education nowadays, sales and marketing departments must work together in order to manage this journey efficiently. And of course, it’s rather hard to do this. MarketBridge is meant for fixing this by offering a steady bridge between marketing and sales that lets sales departments develop better buyer relationships and give more accurate assessment to sales practices.

MarketBridge accomplishes this by providing sales reps with the things they want, such as lead generation and predictive analytics through web pages and applications. The data generated by the tool is focused on sales, so the managers can just pick it up and use it right away and not wait before it is explained by marketing reps. The MarketBridge provides a content hub to improve content access and use, which saves sales managers a ton of time on content creation. MarketBridge’s Smart Analytics combines the information from similar organizations to provide users with insights and benchmarks that can be leveraged into a more effective process and greater sales.

Speaking of pricing, you should contact MarketBridge to get a quote.

Tool #4. Amacus

Amacus provides assistance to sales reps and Chief Experience Officers (CXOs) in building processes that are based on automatic analytics. By showing the links between buyer actions and user actions, Amacus allows thoroughly building out daily processes based on hard data.

The tool basically offers real-time sales analytics that are presented via an intuitional dashboard interface that may be utilized by CXOs, managers, and reps to direct sales efforts to the things that are proven to give results.

There are three pricing bands in Amacus:

  • Basic: $125 a week and a $3,000 onboarding fee;
  • Pro: $530 a wekk and a $7,500 onboarding fee;
  • Enterprise: $2,400 a week and a $27,000 onboarding fee.

Tool #5. LogicBay

Everyone knows what CRM is, but LogicBay is PRM – Partner Relationship Management. PRM is meant for Channel Partner Program sales’ support, where users are basically using other sales forces for closing their deals. This new approach is becoming increasingly popular among SaaS and tech companies.

LogicBay is a tool that provides extensive control over channel-partner program implementation and construction, including certification, product launches, training, etc. Also, the tool provides help in working with leads, assigning each of them to specific partners to make it clear, which leads are whose, along with other useful features.

Comparing to other tools in the list, LogicBay’s pricing is much more affordable, although it includes a certain setup fee:

  • Partner Performance Cloud: $5 per user a month with a $2,500 setup fee;
  • Performance Center: $8 per user a month
  • ChannelVue: $10 per user a month

The Performance Center and ChannelVue plans’ setup fees depend on custom utilization parameters.

Oh, and the last, but not the least…


NEWOLDSTAMP is email signature generator. Newoldstamp helps to create a professional email signature without coding and designing skills. You can choose and modify any template to meet your requirements. Generated HTML signatures are compatible with major email clients (Gmail, Outlook, AppleMail, Yahoo, and others).

This tools also allows adding promotional banners and call-to-action buttons. It opens new opportunities to use an email signature as the additional marketing tool.

Newoldstamp will also be a good choice if you want to create email signatures for the whole sales department. This tool allows you to create multiple signatures based on the previously preset layout by simply uploading CSV file with contact details.

NEWOLDSTAMP pricing plan: You can choose a monthly or annual subscription plan or lifetime payment. The price ranges for small business:

1 signature/$24 per year 3 signatures/$49 per year 5 signatures/$69 per year 10 signatures/$99 per year

Tool #7 Albacross

All of the tools mentioned above are great for following your sales processes and everything, but you can’t make a sale, if you don’t have a quality lead, right? This is, when Albacross comes in. This tool takes care of collecting contact information and other data of your website visitors, who took around it, but didn’t contact you or didn’t even fill out your contact form. This is a very effective lead generation tool that would fit just fine for both small businesses and large enterprises.

Albacross users are receiving weekly reports with information about their website visitors. Users can see, who’s been at their site, which pages they’ve been at, where they spent the most time, etc. Sales marketing reps can develop a very effective strategy for reaching out to their prospects based on their behavior before the former even talk to the latter.

Speaking of payment plans, Albacross has none – this tool is free to use and has no sign-up, setup or onboarding fees. There are certain paid advertisement features within the tool itself, but they are optional and don’t influence the overall experience, because Albacross is primarily a tool meant for data collection and lead generation. And when you have this data, you can push exactly those buttons that bring you fresh and hot deals.

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Marcus Svensson

Head of Growth

Marcus Svensson is responsible for the Growth of Albacross with previous experience as a founder and background in Mathematics.