Looking for Leadberry alternative?

If you are not comfortable with how Leadberry captures leads on your website, check the alternative tool - Albacross.

It’s a B2B company that is designed for companies that want to get fresh leads regularly using white hat techniques.

Similar to Leadberry, you need to install the tracking code on the website to get started.

Right after, you’ll start seeing leads in your dashboard. And as soon as this happens, you are in charge of what to do next:

  • email these leads
  • give them a call
  • add them to a CRM
  • get a notification into a preferred channel (like email or company chat) and do all the above.

Sounds similar to Leadberry? Well, it is, so let’s check how the features of Albacross and Leadberry compare:

Feature Albacross Leadberry
Lead history Up to 90 days Limited
Total # of leads from 500/month Unlimited (plan specific)
Tracking method Custom Script Google Analytics data
Integrations Zapier Available (plan specific)
Contact data
Notifications Email, real-time via Zapier Yes (plan specific)
Export CSV, anywhere via Zapier CSV
CMS Plugins WP, Joomla, Drupal
Support Live chat Live chat
Custom lead tagging
Targeted AMB ads campaigns

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Data source

The accuracy of a website tracking tool like Albacross and Leadberry depends on the source of the inbound data.

So, this is where the first significant difference comes in.

Leadberry uses Google Analytics data while Albacross has its own tailor-made script that captures your visitors’ data and sends it directly to the analyzing system.

This means that there are no delays in the process and the data goes straight to the Albacross servers.

As a result, you get more leads from your traffic that you put time and efforts in.

Integrate with other tools in your stack

Albacross features Zapier integration that works in 2 ways:

  • You can get real-time notifications on the new leads captured into your preferred channel (i.e. company chat or just a simple email)
  • You can transfer your lead data to a CRM, spreadsheet, outreach tool or any other place that you need. This works automatically where the system transfers the data if the lead passes some predefined filter. It also works manually, when you press a button on the Albacross dashboard.

Albacross stats

Hence, you can easily integrate Albacross into your existing marketing or sales funnel, without any technical skills needed.

Custom lead tagging

As soon as you install Albacross tracking code to your website, the leads will start appearing on your dashboard.

You may see some companies that you recognise or know some other details about them.

If so, you can easily tag your leads right on the Albacross Dashboard

Albacross stats

Doing this will keep your leads organized. More so the tags will come along with your leads when you export them.

As you can see, with some creativity, you can use Albacross Dashboard as a mini CRM.

Targeted ABM campaigns

Now that you know the companies that have visited your website, what do you plan to do next?

There are several options including outbound calls or emails and also a paid campaign.

This is where Albacross ABM service comes to play. It allows you to set up display ads on the websites, where leads are browsing day to day, and show your ads only for your leads and no one more.

This way you get a highly convertible ad spend and extreme effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Price comparison

After comparing the features of Albacross and Whoisvisiting, let’s now see how much both of these tools cost for a user.

Premium Plan Albacross Leadberry
Price from €129/m from $24/m
Free Trial 14 days 14 days
Lead history 90 days Limited, from 10 days
Email reports
CMS plugins WP, Joomla, Drupal
Integrations Zapier Available (plan specific)
Lead contact info

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Bottom line

Summarizing all the above, you might have realised that there is a notable difference between Leadberry and Albacross in the way they collect the data. Albacross uses a custom script that increases the amount of data and accuracy.

That means that you’ll get more leads of a higher quality with Albacross.

To make the code installation process easier, there are native plugins for WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal which are missing in Leadberry.

Then, as you start getting new leads, you’ll notice that Albacross doesn’t limit the numbers or companies in your dashboard. You’ll see all that we’ve captured.

Now, the sweetest part.

If you are still unsure if Albacross is the right tool for you, test it yourself by signing up for a complimentary 14-day trial. No risk here, pure value.

Also, feel free to ask your questions if you have any in the chat bubble on the right bottom corner.