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We tell you which companies visit your website, pages they viewed and how frequent they visit. Auto-fill your sales pipeline with fresh qualified data.

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We Know Who is Visiting Your Website

See how we identify your anonymous website visitors

Discover More Business Opportunities with Intent Data

Features you can enjoy with Albacross Free.

Capture Buying Interests Globally

Reveal anonymous visitors globally with firmographic and activity data.

Fresh Data, Real-time Updates

You can check the user journey of targeted companies every time they visit your website, view pages and browse your services & products.

500 Leads, 90 Days History

Identify 500 companies per month. Aggregate buyer activity for 90 days. Focus on active ready-to-buy companies only.

Native integration to Slack and Pipedrive

Receive instant notifications on Slack when a visitor shows up. Auto-fill and update the sales pipeline on Pipedrive.

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Connect our app to Slack to receive instant notifications. Integrate to Pipedrive to auto-fill your pipeline with fresh B2B visitors.

Use Buying Intent for Faster Sales

Find out the benefits and values we can create

Capture Demand Instantly

Fighting for leads? Not anymore. Reveal 500 companies per month with a single line of code.

Know Who is Ready to Buy

Companies that visit your website several times and check your pricing page have higher buying intent than others. Find out who they are using our Intent Data and engage with them.

Faster than Your Competitors

Once you know who has a high buying intent, you can reach out to them while your competitors are still unaware.

Better Sales Pitch

Know where the companies are in the marketing funnel and their expectations for what a first/next interaction should be. Personalize your sales pitch to better suit their intent.

Shorter Sales Cycles

Sales cycles can be long and slow for reasons outside of your control. With buying insights, you can engage with them via personalized information in real-time when they want to know more.

Align Marketing and Sales

Auto-fill sales pipeline with companies that are intent to purchase. Improve working efficiency for sales team and re-shape your marketing strategies.

”Albacross helps us discover more companies interested in our business that we would have never known before. The slack integration notifies us about new visitors so we can start to reach out instantly. We work more efficiently and will never miss out on any opportunities. Always recommend it.”

Ivan Torba
SDR in


Reply’s multi channel sales engagement platform automates personal email outreach, calls, and tasks so sales can focus on what really matters - closing deals.






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Frequently asked questions

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What is Intent Data?

Intent Data is a collection of companies’ activity data, e.g. pages they viewed, durations, channels that brought them there, etc. It can be used to identify reasons why they visit your website and what they are looking for to predict their next steps.

It enables your sales team to reach out to the right companies at the right time with the right sales pitch.

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