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Alexander Kragh

Alexander Kragh


What made you start using Albacross?

We wanted to know if our marketing activities were successful and if we attracted the right companies. We had a lot of relevant leads, but we saw that no one signed up for our CTAs.

How are you using Albacross today?

Our Account manager logs in every day, he looks at companies that have been on our pricing page without converting or contacting us. He then uses the premium version to reveal contact information of the CEO or someone in the HR-department, then he contact them and books a meeting, so that he presents our recruiting services and then, later on, close the deal.

Have you seen any results from Albacross?

Yes - we recruited our Account manager 3 months ago, the first month he was just cold calling clients without huge success. Then 2 months ago, he started to contact leads on Albacross. And in those past two months we have tripled our client; which is a really huge payoff. We actually have had to stop him from doing more sales because we have too much sales already. Now we just need to recruit the leads he had sold.

What’s the ROI of using Albacross?

In just 2 months, we went from about eight positions we were recruiting, to 36 in the last two months. We increased with 28 new positions, which is all thanks to Albacross. Our ROI has increased by 350%!

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