Account Based Marketing

Advertise directly to industries or selected companies

Advertise to companies before they know who you are – Cut through the noise with sniper precision. We make sure your ads are shown to the right people. So what are you waiting for?

Your company can be displayed here in no time

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It’s simple. Here’s how it works

Stop targeting everyone. Start spending wisely
We provide efficient business marketing by connecting business information with company networks around the world. This is Account Based Marketing. Only spend money targeting the accounts that matter most.
”Stop paying for advertising that’s not relevant to you.”
Yesterday's marketing
Traditional marketing relies on a huge audience to be certain your message has reached the right people. These efforts are expensive, inefficient and results are not transparent. We created Albacross to solve this problem. Now it’s your turn.

Reach them anywhere

Get your message across whether your audience is using a computer, tablet or phone.



Transparent and clear results

Clear overview

We help you track your advertising performance, from the first impression to the last page visit. Stay in control as you see results pour in.

Daily results of each company

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